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  • Eligibility Criteria

  1. Any medical practitioner (MBBS/BDS and above) in any field can enter the Awards, given they fulfill the requirements outlined in the Rules & Regulations, Terms and Conditions and category eligibility criteria.
  2. Last two categories are also open to non-MBBS healthcare professionals.
  3. Nominees/applicants can apply for or be nominated in more than one Award categories,subject to maximum of two categories and to fulfillment of rules and regulations mentioned herein.
  4. You may apply with the same project for up to TWO categories, but you need to justify why it fits within a specific category.
  5. Your project/work should have been active after 1 June 2016 and should have been based in South Asian region.
  6. Across the ten categories our jury members would be looking at:
  • relevance of the work to the south Asian region.
  • ability to influence practice of medicine
  • applicability to an unmet need
  • novelty and scalability
  • patient involvement
  • your future plans