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BMJ Awards South Asia 2018- Nomination Form- Phase 1

Demographic information

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Award’s entry information

The awards are open to clinically led items based in South Asia with projects active from June 2016 onwards.
At this stage, judges are interested in a summary of your project and a brief overview of what need your project was addressing and what outcomes the project achieved. The questions listed under each heading are intended as a guide
Please note the following:

  • The entry must not exceed 500 words (not including the template text)
  • We are not able to consider supplementary materials or attachments

Project summary (200 Words)
  • What did you do?
  • What was the setting (primary, secondary or community;urban or rural)?
  • Who were the subjects of the intervention, and how many were there?
  • When did the intervention occur (dates)?
  • When was the evaluation performed (dates)?
  • What is the relevance of your work to the South Asian region and the practice of health?
Total word count: 0 words. Words left: 200

Need (150 Words)
  • Which problem did you address?
  • How did you know it was a problem? What data did you use?
  • Who was it affecting?
  • Before you initiated the project, how did you measure the scale of the problem?
Total word count: 0 words. Words left: 150

Impact (150 Words)
  • What were the results/impact of your project?
  • What did you measure and how did you measure it?
  • What feedback - positive and negative did you get from patients, populations and staff?
  • What challenges did you face and how did you overcome them?
Total word count: 0 words. Words left: 150

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