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BMJ Awards South Asia 2017- Nomination Form- Phase 1

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Question1: Please share with us an executive summary of your work. In this section please ensure that you help us understand your work, why it is beyond the routine, challenges that you have overcome and your key wins. Finally, delineate the impact and relevance of your work to the South Asian region and the practice of health.
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Question2: Please share the key yardsticks you use to measure your success. Why did you choose these as the metrics of success for your work?
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Question3: Please share key shortcomings or unresolved challenges that you face and a brief plan on how you wish to tackle them.
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Question4: We would like to know how you kept patients first in your work/practice. Please share how your work/research involved patients. Also, share how it has benefitted them or will benefit them specifically.
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We would be delighted if you can share a URL (weblink) to your work. It could be a website, a link to a news article, a YouTube video, a mention to your publication or any other web-content. Up to two links only. This is not compulsory to qualify